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O.pen VAPE Ziggy Marley Review

People have been smoking cannabis for centuries, due to its outstanding health benefits. Still, the downside is that smoking can be seriously damaging to the...

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Where to Buy Hash in Madeira

The year 2007 saw Madeira and Lisbon applaud the Worldwide Cannabis Walk. The campaign appreciated the recent Portuguese laws regarding marijuana use and...

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Depression’s Kryptonite: Top Cannabis Strains to Try

Depression is never funny (no pun intended). It’s completely different from having the occasional blues that will pass in a few days. Left alone, depression...

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Discover the Best Way to Filter Cannabis Oil

Many people seem to know how to make cannabis oil, but that knowledge doesn’t help them if they use disadvantageous filtering methods. As a consequence, more...

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Crater Deluxe Vaporizer Review

Due to the ever-growing popularity of medical cannabis, more and more health professionals recommend smokers to choose weed vaporizers for medicating....

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Best Places to Buy Weed in Berlin

Founded in the 13th century, Berlin has evolved to become one of the most celebrated and renowned cultural epicenters in the European history. The city has a...

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Trivia on the Cannabis Coins Trend

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that aren’t printed and are decentralized. They come with certain sets of perks. So, why did anyone feel like...

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When Are They Going to Legalize Weed in Texas?

2017 has been a great year for marijuana users in the USA, as weed was legalized in many states. However, Texas doesn’t seem too keen on legalizing it,...

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How to Make Your Own Weed ‘Dabs’ at Home

“Dabbing” refers to the process of making a marijuana extract called “wax” or “rosin” that is more concentrated than it would be when smoked. The...

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Marijuana Allergies: The Whole Truth, Why and How to recognize

Most people trying to talk down weed make use of allergic reactions as one of their key selling points. What they don’t tell you is that such allergies are...

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