What you should know about weed?

FAQ about Medical Weed

Even though medical marijuana has been available for some time now, is still much of a mystery to some. Of course, it raises more questions than it gives...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Grow Weed

Ever since the days of total cannabis prohibition, many things have changed – for the better. In fact, cannabis has been legalized in numerous states, which...

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7 European Cannabis Events Worth Visiting Every Year

Cannabis users are generally seen as people who like to spend their time alone, in the dark, getting stoned and wasting their lives away. And indeed, while a...

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A Funny Story about Cannabis Butter

Cannabis butter can be used for a variety of things: making brownies or muffins, adding it on popcorn, mac’ n cheese, and others. It is really delicious...

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How to Start Your Own Medical Marijuana Business

Since medical weed was legalized, a new type of business appeared: growing and retailing weed, obviously, without getting the sweats that the cops might break...

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The Most Common Myths about Growing Marijuana

For the novice marijuana grower, the Internet is a place filled with information. And, truth be told, it is rather difficult to differentiate between actual...

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A Brief History of Medical Weed

Cannabis has been used for medical purposes long before it’s been used for getting high. We’re talking about thousands of years. In other words, we’re...

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Top Surprising Hemp Uses You Weren’t Aware of

To start with, no, smoking it isn’t a use! We guess you can smoke hemp if you want to, but there’s no point in doing so because it won’t get you high....

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How Does Marijuana Work in the Body?

Have a joint and take a drag – in 5 minutes, you’ll already feel drowsy and all the effects of the herb will go berserk on you. How does that happen? Have...

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