What you should know about weed?

Stoned Stars: Green Confessions from Celebrities

Marijuana smoking is for everybody, and the fact that many celebrities have confessed to popping the proverbial kite-string reinforces our claim. We tend to...

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Crater Deluxe Vaporizer Review

Due to the ever-growing popularity of medical cannabis, more and more health professionals recommend smokers to choose weed vaporizers for medicating....

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How to Make Hash Space Cakes

The primary difference between typical pastry and space cakes lies in the THC content. So, when you bake space cakes, you use the magical ingredient, namely...

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The 2018 Reno Cannabis Convention

There are tens of conventions on marijuana growing all over the USA. One of them is the one held in Reno, which is among the youngest conventions of this type,...

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Top Hacks for Growing Excellent-Tasting Weed

Growing qualitative weed is not that hard. It requires time, patience and practice, as well as a decent understanding of the process of photosynthesis....

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Medical Marijuana: The Enemy of ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has been a problem that was dismissed or simply ignored in most children. “He’s just a child; he’s bound...

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Best Places to Buy Weed in Berlin

Founded in the 13th century, Berlin has evolved to become one of the most celebrated and renowned cultural epicenters in the European history. The city has a...

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Trivia on the Cannabis Coins Trend

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that aren’t printed and are decentralized. They come with certain sets of perks. So, why did anyone feel like...

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The Ultimate Cannabutter Recipe

Edibles make an effective way of enjoying the benefits of cannabis. However, they come at a hefty price hence the need to learn how to make homemade cookies,...

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The 2018 Boston Cannabis Convention

Each year, weed enthusiasts from the Boston area go to the Cannabis Convention, one of the oldest gatherings of this kind in North-East U.S. The convention was...

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