The Making of Red Velvet Chocolate Marijuana Cupcakes

Few sweets are more tempting than red velvet cupcakes. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And when it comes to the red velvet form, it becomes much more appealing...

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Cannabis Caramel Sauce: Easy Step How-To

Caramel sauce is a delicious treat to top over your sweets (pancakes, ice cream, apple pies, etc.). It completes every desert wonderfully. It’s even better...

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How to Make Marijuana Mac ‘N Cheese Miracle

There are few meals that can beat a steaming bowl of freshly made mac and cheese. The combination of delicious cheese, pasta, flavorful condiments and crusty...

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Weed Frozen Treat: How to Make Marijuana Popsicles

We’ve all heard about pot brownies, and we love the fact that you can consume weed without actually using a weed vaporizer. But did you know that you could...

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Cannabis-Infused Firecracker Biscuits Recipe

Crackers or weed, which one should we choose? The answer to that should be obvious: why not both? It’s not written in stone that weed needs to be smoked. You...

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