Are T5 Lights Good for Growing Weed?

Thinking about getting some T5 lights? Many indoor growers prefer T5 lights because they’re cheaper than other options, such as LED. But, there’s more to...

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Growing Weed: What Is Light Deprivation and How Can It Help?

Light deprivation is a crucial technique for weed growers. Especially if you are keen on speeding up the flowering process, or you live in a cold, wet climate....

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A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Weed

Growing weed is anything but difficult. As a matter of fact, there’s a reason why we call it weed – because it grows almost everywhere, similar to a weed....

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The Necessary Tools You Should Have If You Grow Weed

When you’re growing your own weed, having the right tools at your disposal can make the world of a difference. Essentially, we could argue that the...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Grow Weed

Ever since the days of total cannabis prohibition, many things have changed – for the better. In fact, cannabis has been legalized in numerous states, which...

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The Most Common Myths about Growing Marijuana

For the novice marijuana grower, the Internet is a place filled with information. And, truth be told, it is rather difficult to differentiate between actual...

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