How to Use Hemp to Detoxify Your Home

How to Use Hemp to Detoxify Your Home?

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The toxicity of our current world is mounting. It has come to a point in which almost anything we eat, touch, or drink is contaminated with harmful toxins.

Much of our food is riddled with different chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, additives and synthetic antioxidants, among others. We pollute our air with carbon emissions, cleaning chemicals, aerosols, and other gasses. Lastly, our water often carries toxic elements such as plastic micro-strands.

But wait, what does hemp have to do with this?” Hemp can detoxify your life!

In fact, hemp can detoxify many things, even soils. Some plants are used to detoxify soil and water, and this process is known as phytoremediation.

Hemp can remove contaminants such as cadmium, one of the major soil polluters. But it can also cleanse your home, and we don’t mean it will make your house a giant bong.

Hemp’s THC content is tiny when compared to cannabis. Hemp has 1.5% at most while the lowest THC content of marijuana is 5%. That difference, along with hemp’s high CBD content, disable hemp’s psychoactive potential.

So, how do we go about using this natural super plant in our homes?

·         Mattresses

usings natural super plant hemp in our homes

We spend (or should) about a third of our days sleeping. That means we’re most of the times close to our bedroom, bed, and mattresses.

Unfortunately, most mattresses nowadays are coated with flame-retardants, pesticides, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that can cause itchiness, skin irritation, allergies, and even respiratory diseases.

When you get a brand-new mattress, it’s all cool and nice, but as time passes, these chemicals “escape” into the air, polluting the environment. So, as you sleep, you’re inhaling these toxins. What do we do?

Switch to hemp mattresses! Seriously, hemp is more durable than cotton, but at the same time, it is mold, bacteria, fire, and pest-resistant. Use hemp for your mattresses, bedding, and pillows to get rid of those nasty toxins in your bedroom.

·         Carpets and Flooring

hemp carpeted floor instead of the same synthetic rugs

Did you know that hemp absorbs carbon 4 times more than trees do?

Now imagine what happens if you have a hemp carpeted floor instead of the same synthetic rugs that are sprayed with flame retardants, pesticides, and other chemicals. With nice hemp rugs, you’d be converting CO2 into oxygen, substantially lowering your carbon footprint.

·         Air Cleaners

hemp plants to Detoxify Your Home

And I’m not talking about machines. If you’re a casual cannabis grower, you might have a plant or two here and there, but let me tell you how to maximize the potential.

First of all, get some hemp plants, and place them just in front of the main wind entrance to your home. That way, when the wind blows, your hemp “air cleaners” will detoxify the air. Place some small plants in your kitchen and maybe in your room if it’s large enough. A few plants around the living area or near the AC (if you have it) will do the trick as well.


Imagine for a moment that you have fresh, non-toxic air all the time in your house. The idea used to be a given a few decades ago, but times have changed, and we must do something in order to ensure our wellbeing. You can also use Various Accessories made from Hemp.

Adding bits of hemp to your home will make your life and air much healthier. In fact, hemp seeds (and Oil) can detoxify your body from the inside! It’s truly a beautiful plant. Read also The Main Differences between Hemp and Weed.

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