Harlox Regular Seeds – 12

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From Colorado Rare Dankness gives you Harlox, another in this breeder’s long line of stunning, connoisseur cannabis genetics.

Harlox resulted from crossing Harlequin, a strain with a complex background and very high resin-production potential, together with The Ox, the high-CBD Bubba Kush-derived plant. Harlox is an indica-dominant strain (75%) that grows into a short, bushy, shrub-like plant that is a veritable resin-factory. Medium to high yields are harvested 55 – 65 days after the commencement of flowering. Its buds and smaller leaves are covered in a thick layer of very sticky, gooey resin making this a first class strain from which to make extracts and concentrates.

The perfume and flavours of Harlox are quite special and enticing being a blend of dark, ripe berries with notes of coffee and hashish. The effect reflects its indica-dominance with a powerfully relaxing high and appetite-stimulating properties which are helped by the high level of CBD.


BREEDER Rare Dankness
GENETICS Harlequin x The Ox
PACK SIZE 12 Seeds
VARIETY Mostly Indica
SEX Regular
FLOWERING TIME 55 – 65 days
MEDICAL CONDITIONS Lack of Appetite, Stress
TASTE / FLAVOUR Berry, Coffee, Kush
EFFECT Powerful, Relaxing


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