Famous Brandz Anthony Water Pipe

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The Famous Brandz Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Anthony concentrate pipe delivers comfortable, tasty rips that everyone’s favorite stoner duo would be proud of. Smoke smooth hits from your waxy oil and concentrates through this 100% borosilicate glass concentrate pipe, which stands at 9″ tall. The all-glass female dome and nail ensure thorough heating of wax concentrates that delivers big, milky clouds. The Famous Brands Anthony concentrate pipe features a bent neck for convenient hits, and double-shelf percolator that thoroughly moisture-conditions smoke for smoother draws. Ideal for waxy oil lovers with a taste for full, flavor-rich hits, the Cheech and Chong Anthony Bong features original eastern-inspired artwork emblazoned on the water chamber, imbuing each session with an exotic vibe.


For the true concentrate connoisseur, the Famous Brandz Anthony water pipe provides the huge rips of a dab rig with a smoother character. This 9″ piece packs an impressive water filtration system that removes the harshness from dabs to deliver cool, comfortable rips of immense flavor. The all-glass nail, thermal resistant as they come, extracts from waxes the essential tastes that flavor chasers seek. Concentrate enthusiasts looking to enjoy the higher potency of wax without the hard hitting smoke production of a dab rig will find the Anthony to be a welcome addition to their collection.


The average piece doesn’t hold a candle to the Famous Brandz Anthony’s 100% borosilicate glass build. Strong, durable, and highly resistant to heat, this material perfectly extracts and delivers the best flavors and effects from waxy oils. The Anthony will not start to crack over time as lesser water pipes may, and it won’t yellow. With regular cleaning, you can maintain its clean and clear appearance for a long time to come. The greatest perk to this borosilicate wonder is its smoke production. Clean-tasting, smooth, and full of flavor, you’ll love every hit.


The Famous Brandz Anthony features an elite-level moisture-conditioning system. It begins with the all-glass nail, highly resistant to heat, blasting your waxy oils into huge, dense clouds that are sucked down the air path through a showerhead percolator. The smoke sifts through many tiny holes in the showerhead, shooting into the water chamber where each bubble attaches to moisture. As the cannabinoid-enriched bubbles travel up from the water, particulates are cleansed from them, leaving only smoother vapor-like hits to travel up the neck toward the mouthpiece. By the time a hit reaches your lungs, the Anthony will have tamed its harshness, offering a smoother draw every time. This glass water pipe is for true wax concentrate enthusiasts who want density, flavor, and potency without the harshness of a desktop dab rig.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 9.5 in.
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Vaporizer Compatibility: Waxes


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