Does Hemp Oil Help Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects patients in more ways than just physical. Those suffering from it develop itchy, scaly, red patches of abnormal...

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Comparing super seeds: Hemp vs. Chia vs. Flax

Hemp, Chia, and Flax seeds – no self-respecting nutritionist will ignore these on a diet! Many wonder about the fundamental differences between one and...

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Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Hair

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds and it offers plenty benefits. Sure, many persons are also hesitant to try it, given that it comes from the cannabis...

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How to Use Hemp to Detoxify Your Home?

The toxicity of our current world is mounting. It has come to a point in which almost anything we eat, touch, or drink is contaminated with harmful toxins....

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Hemp Oil: Main Uses and Unbelievable Benefits

Hemp oil or hempseed oil is extracted from the cannabis plant seeds. This inconspicuous little detail is what scares many people, but the real fact is that...

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Hemp’s Nutritional Information and Health Benefits

Despite its botanical relationship with marijuana, hemp contains considerably lower concentrations of THC (it contains about 1.5% percent at most versus...

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Hemp Houses: Why They Are Worth Considering

Hemp houses are part of the “Eco Houses” movement. Hemp is an important building material in the Eco House construction industry and is a great way for...

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Main Hemp Uses that Could Save the Environment

Hemp is still a controversial topic, especially in the United States. It’s illegal to grow hemp while it’s legal to clear-cut massive forests, burn...

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The Main Ways in Which Hemp Plastic Might Change the World

The hemp plant is related to the cannabis sativa, a fancy name for the otherwise marginalized marijuana or weed. Some might know hemp for its good qualities...

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Hemp Clothing: The Shocking Benefits of Hemp Fabric

A considerable portion of the fabrics used in our clothing is made of petroleum-based synthetic fibers. Without going into a discussion about how these...

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