Weed Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

If you’re on the lookout for an alternative to smoking weed, why not try some cookies? Few things are as tasty as biting into a warm, moist, and delicious...

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How to Make Hash Space Cakes

The primary difference between typical pastry and space cakes lies in the THC content. So, when you bake space cakes, you use the magical ingredient, namely...

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The Ultimate Cannabutter Recipe

Edibles make an effective way of enjoying the benefits of cannabis. However, they come at a hefty price hence the need to learn how to make homemade cookies,...

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How to Make Weed Vodka “Green Dragon” at Home

Eat it or smoke it, cannabis is great. Hollidays are coming and here are two things you should remember: it’s the time when booze flows in rivers and green...

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Easy-Made Cannabis Quesadilla

Everyone loves Mexican food. That’s primarily because Mexican recipes are colorful, filled with aromatic spices, and most importantly, cheese. And...

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How to Make Weed Rice Krispy Treats

If you’re looking for another great way to ingest some marijuana, you found it! Weed rice krispies are an equally-sweet alternative to other similar...

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Easy and Delicious Weed Brownie Recipes

The weed brownie is perhaps one of the most popular baked goods that contain marijuana – and most of the time, it needs no introduction. If you don’t live...

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Cannabis Cooking Oil: How to Make it

Cannabis cooking oil is the quintessential component of many marijuana edibles ranging from weed brownies to cannabis salad dressings. It’s also known as...

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The Easy Steps to Making a Happy Weed Pizza

We all know it was just a matter of time until cannabis pizza became a thing. Pizza is great as it is, but add some weed to it and you’ll have the time of...

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How to Make a Marijuana Cheeseburger

Who doesn’t love burgers? We wouldn’t be bothered with having one daily. And if you combine your favorite meal with weed, then you’ve got yourself a...

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