Growing Weed Upside Down

If you’re looking to maximize your grow area’s space, you might want to read more about upside-down growing. Basically, how it works is that you place as...

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Cannabis Strains: How Many Different Kinds Are There?

From Zombie Killer OG to AK-47, cannabis strain names capture the plants’ structural, functional aspects and everything in between. Much like our own names,...

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Top Hacks for Growing Excellent-Tasting Weed

Growing qualitative weed is not that hard. It requires time, patience and practice, as well as a decent understanding of the process of photosynthesis....

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What Factors Affect the Weed’s Growing, Harvest, and Availability?

Cannabis is a non-perennial plant with flowers in late summer and early fall. The growing process commences in spring when the weed seeds are planted. Quickly,...

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Growing Weed Outdoors: Important Guidelines

Growing cannabis is a rewarding and fun experience. And, if you have the means, you can create a small cannabis garden. This has the potential of producing a...

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What You Should Know about Growing Weed Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors sets a range of challenges. Still, you shouldn’t be discouraged by this. As a general rule, beginnings are difficult, but, once you...

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Best Air Purifier for Growing Weed

We all know that skunky, sweet aroma of cannabis. It’s pretty much characteristic of marijuana! But, you mustn’t forget that there are regulations here and...

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The Guide to Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

As a cannabis enthusiast, you probably found yourself at some point scrolling through the marijuana seed bank and came across the “auto-flowering” kind....

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Growing Weed Indoors vs. Growing Weed Outdoors

Cannabis has been cultivated outdoors for centuries, as it’s one of the oldest and widely used agricultural crops. On the other side, cultivating cannabis...

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What’s the Most Potent Strain of Weed?

When we say the “most potent strain of weed,” what is it exactly that makes it so “potent?” Well, it is its ability to get you high – the...

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