Go.Pen Plus Vape

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Introducing the new Go.Pen Plus Vape, an innovative way to vape oils, extracts and concentrates instead of the normal method of vaporizing dry herbs.

Please be aware that this vaporizer isn’t compatible with the separately sold O.pen Vape Cartridges. It’s designed to be a self-load vaporizer pen that utilises concentrates and extracts chosen by the user, within the confines of the law.

Improved features from the original Go.Pen have been included in the new model. These consist of a higher voltage; 4.2 volt battery meaning the user can enjoy a 25% stronger blast and draw for 2 seconds longer than with the original version.

We’re pleased to say that you’ll also receive a lifetime warranty with your Go.Pen Vape battery as well as lifetime warranty on the locking feature that prevents unwanted vaping when your vaporizer is stored on your person.

The Go.Pen Vape box includes the following:

  • Retractable USB charger
  • Stainless steel Dibber Dabber tool
  • 2 ceramic atomizers
  • Oil tank atomizer, Mouthpiece & 3 silicone mouthpiece covers
  • Rechargeable Micro-USB battery
  • 4.2v battery
  • Silica wick to wick the oil to the heating coil.


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