Growzilla 3.0 – 9 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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The Growzilla is a single chamber, 9 plant, vertical hydroponics grow box built with beginner friendly functioning for those who are looking for large yields. The Growzilla features a powerful LED grow light on a Yo-Yo system in order to bring the lights close to your plants. This grow system can grow from SEED to HARVEST in 10 weeks. By following our easy to follow instructions, you can expect thick, luscious, and very healthy plants.

This grow box is HUGE and grows 9 pounds of dried plant matter per year.

Note: The Growzilla is a single, tall chamber grow box. Your plants will grow from the bottom DWC hydroponics system to the top of the box below the LED grow lights. The LED grow lights can be lowered and raised as needed.


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