Harvesting Program

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Harvesting Cannabis Program

This program covers the step-by-step harvesting cannabis process and you will learn how most growers manicure buds so you have great medicine. Right after all the plants have been harvested, it is time to when and how to manicure your harvested buds.

Become a master grower by learning the art of the harvesting process for cannabis. Through this program, you will establish a strong understanding of each step required in order to manicure beautiful buds and maximize the medicinal potential. Be ready as soon as your plants have been harvested to manicure them with the attention that they deserve, at just the right time.

It’s critical to learn timing and technique when you’re harvesting your buds when trimming their leaves. Learn how to properly dry and cure your buds to ensure maximum potency of the cannabis you have grown.

Manicuring, Drying, Curing, and Storing

After putting extensive time and attention into the growth of your seedlings, learn how to take the next steps by understanding the best practices for a fruitful harvest. Harvesting is the reaping of the bounty and is the most enjoyable time you will spend in your garden.

Through this program, you will learn how when to start harvesting cannabis at peak ripeness and the payoff for all of the research, work, risk, and expense. Maximize the experience after a long wait with a bountiful harvest!

What to Expect

  • 2 Program Videos (39:03 Time)
  • Discussion Forum – Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • 2 eBooks (13 Pages Total)
  • 2 Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion


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