Mega Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 52 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

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The mega mortgage lifter is officially the hydroponics system that produces more plants, herbs, and vegetables than any other hydroponics system on earth. Buy today!

Mega Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 52 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System

The Mega Mortgage Lifter is the highest producing grow tent on earth! It will produce more plants and veggies than you can possibly imagine. This grow tent has been designed with an ultra high quality design for maximum yield. 

Dimensions: 9’D x 9’W x 7’T (Now bigger than ever!)

Shipping: $495 (Allow 2-3 weeks for building, testing, and arrival to your shipping address)

Grows 48 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

The Mega Mortgage Lifter produces enormous harvests for growers by using complex processes that yield plants faster and stronger than most any other system! This beast might be complicated to create but it is very easy to use. You won’t need anything other than plants. We provide the rest!

Although we recommend the 52 site, you have a choice on which kind of hydroponics system you want in the Mega Mortgage Lifter. We recommend the 24 site only if you plan on growing gigantic plants.

Find out why the Mega Mortgage Lifter is so popular amongst customers!

  • The Mortgage Lifter now uses the popular Gorilla Grow Tent which means you get tons of extra features including the ability to raise the ceiling of the tent from 7 feet up to 10 feet at will!
  • Four 600w HPS grow lights, Lumatek digital, dimmable ballasts, and Blazer 6″ AC Reflectors
  • Choose from 52 site or 24 site hydroponics systems. (We recommend 52 site)
  • Odor Free Growing w/ Carbon Scrubber & Filter
  • Speedster inline fan system
  • Dual 6″ Hurricane fans
  • 50′ of Thermoflo SR Ducting
  • 10 outlet power strip
  • Three 6″ circulation fans
  • Analog Dual and Single timer
  • pH testing kit
  • TDS Meter
  • Thermometer/Hydrometer Digital Readout
  • Adjustable Net Trellis
  • Electrical GFCI Adapter For Safe Growing
  • Instructional DVD and written instructions
  • 3 Year “No Hassle” Warranty!
  • And much more! (Too many items to list!)

Optional Upgrades:

Co2 – This will increase production by 25%. Most people get the Co2 simply for faster growth. The bucket system is versatile and can be moved around but runs out after 6 – 12 months. At this time, you would have to purchase a replacement bucket from our site at a discounted rate. The tank system is built in. You get everything (wiring, guages, ect..) but you have to purchase the tank separately since we are not allowed to ship tanks via mail.

Air Purification – The Ozonator literally zaps out odor molecules from the air by combining with the scent molecules. It is a highly advanced system.

Water Filtration – The RO 200 water filter purifies water to 99.999% purity. This will help with plant health.

Eye Protection – The Amethyst sunglasses protect your eyes from the lighting system.

Nutrients – You will get a 4 month supply of nutrients but the upgrade will give you an additional year of high quality nutrients. The germination pack is great to help germinate seeds. The 24/7 nutrient meter tests how much nutrient you have in the water.

Note: All upgradable features are luxury addons and are not needed to grow from start to finish. The stock system provides everything except for the plants.

Mortgage Lifter versus Other Grow Rooms

In order to get good quality hydroponic crops and abundant yields, growers need the kinds of products that are made to facilitate success for anyone, from a beginner to a professional grower. If one doesn’t get the right hydroponic grow kit, many kinds of hydroponic or greenhouse gardening projects won’t stand a chance.

Height adjustable grow tent – Our grow tent designs give you the stability and endurance of actual grow room setups—height adjusting apparatus can allow you to set up this grow tent for very tall plants, to accommodate bigger harvests and yields. Because of the large interior area and good climate support that this tent provides, your hydroponic crops will have a chance to maintain health to maturity. Thick walls and insulation help make this tent a more efficient protector for hydroponic or greenhouse crops, keeping out pests, outside light, and other hazards. With good, durable, fire safe equipment you can rest easy about the various kinds of fire, flood or electrical disasters that are associated with inferior equipment.

SuperPonics kit – Our variety of SuperPonics designs help growers to set up innovative gardening systems that will employ the best means of getting water and nutrients to plants. Double top feed and deep water culture systems enable better plant access, and non-clogging features help to prevent solids from blocking the reservoir. Using Mortgage Lifter systems with SuperPonics means utilizing multiple plant feeding methods for a safer and result, and SuperPonics systems are full of automated features and easy-to-use, enabling large, vibrant harvest up to five times bigger than plants grown with a single hydroponic feeding method. This, in addition to the full variety of accessories and plant growth helpers that come with the system, will enable you to create the kinds of hydroponic projects that end up producing abundant harvests. Want the best? Grow with the best.

Lighting – Experienced growers know that good grow lights are the cornerstone of the grow area. With our closed loop air cooling lights, the environment of the grow area is kept separate from the grow light cooling system. This helps to make lighting more efficient and protect plants from burning and other negative outcomes. It also helps growers to control carbon dioxide much better, so if you need to add carbon dioxide to your grow environment, you can better maintain necessary levels with this closed loop lighting system. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of this kind of closed loop lighting, along with good air handling equipment, but many basic hydroponic kits lack of these very fundamental elements.
In addition to great grow lights, our setups use superior ballasts. The Lumatek ballasts in these kits feature dimmable technology and reliable lighting to get the full light spectrum to plants at all stages of growth. Match your gardening needs to your electrical output to save on energy bills for your hydroponic projects, and rest easy knowing that your grow lights will maintain a consistent output throughout your grow cycles.

Besides just providing safe and reliable lighting, thick glass reflectors and other equipment also help to encourage plants to grow compact and tight, with vitality and robust smell and taste. Yo-yo lift systems allow for versatility with these efficient and super professional kits. Don’t settle for imitations or knockoffs that may not provide the same benefits for your hydroponic system.

Other Elements – In addition to the above, our kit uses the following kinds of accessories to help plants grow better
Phresh Carbon Filters – these innovative carbon filters have a charcoal fitting that helps to filter out unwanted smells from the grow area and provides plants with a ‘neutral’ environment for growth

Trellis System – our trellis system helps support plant growth in the ways that many crops need while they are making their way upward within a grow tent or other space – the trellis also helps with light distribution for plants

Active Air Internal Circulation Fans – fans that are well-placed and well-designed will help plants to get the quality environment that they need. Air flow provides oxygenation and helps to eliminate mold or mildew while also helping growers deal with pests.

Hurricane in-line Fans – these powder coated, high-performance fans are UL listed and specially designed for the most sophisticated greenhouses and grow rooms.

Automated Results – these kits include timers and other automating equipment that help you to lower requirements for labor and maintenance and get plants to maturity with less time intensive work and supervision. While some kits can require growers to stay involved each day, these designs can allow for up to a week of automated growth at a time, which is a big benefit to growers in planning their lives during operating plant cycles.

Electrical Safety – Our GFCI electrical configurations ensure that growers don’t suffer from mixing water and electricity in hydroponic designs. Growers often worry about how their electrical equipment will interact with reservoirs and other wet areas of the hydroponic grow space – with properly grounded plug-ins, carefully designed and placed electrical equipment, and good quality electrical cords, these kinds of systems help to give growers piece of mind during setup and during every part of a plant cycle.

TDS Nutrient Meter, Nutrients, pH Kit – The range of essential accessories in these kits allows growers to monitor total dissolved solids, pH values and more. Without this kind of observation, many kinds of greenhouse or hydroponic plants can wither and die. Get what you need for growing with our consolidated and high design grow systems.

Support – Instructional materials, three-year warranty, and lifetime customer service. With Mortgage Lifter kits, you can build an abundant plant cycle every time with high quality customer support and great instructional materials that are easy to use. Our systems have attained a top rating from the Better Business Bureau and we stand behind our products 100 percent. Get help from the Dealzer family for all of your growing needs and partner with a top hydroponic retailer with a reputation for integrity and quality.


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