Outdoor Mix Classic Regular Seeds – 6

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Our Top Tao Outdoor Mix is made up of a variety of fast-flowering cannabis seeds that consist of 3 distinct phenotypes; Sativa Samadhi, Early Top Tao and Tao Purple. The strains are sativa-dominant except Tao Purple, each with high yields perfect for outdoor growth.

The Top Tao Outdoor Mix is perfect for beginner growers as the plants grow to be squat, bushy and strong and are generally low-maintenance. The mix of indica and sativa plants means you’ll have an excellent variety once flowering begins in 6 – 7 weeks. Note: You may have to even out the canopy of your crop as indica and sativa plants like to grow to different heights. With an overall range of 1-3m of height in the Top Tao Outdoor Mix, you can also expect a wide range of yields from 350g-450 gr/m2.

The strains all share an exceptionally high quality in taste and effect, with the Sativa Samadhi and Early Top Tao producing psychedelic highs with rich, spicy aromas and the Tao Purple exuding a much sweeter, frutier scent with a more body stoned effect.


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