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BULK (2-12-3) is a PK booster containing a blend of phosphorus, potassium and calcium in a true solution.
​BULK should be used in the flowering stage to optimize flower production.

Key Ingredients in BULK:
> Phosphorus: Phosphorus is a key element required in ATP synthesis. The ATP molecule is the main carrier and storage unit of a plant’s energy. It acts as a “battery,” storing energy when it is not needed and releasing it when it is needed.     One of the roles of ATP is to provide energy needed by the plant to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates during photosynthesis. All the energy of ATP is stored in the phosphate (a salt formed from oxygen and phosphorus) groups of the molecule and is essential to the activity of ATP.
>Calcium: Calcium is found in nearly every plant cell, mainly as a part of pectin found in cell walls. Without it, cell walls would shrink and collapse and the plant would not stand upright. Another key role of calcium is in mineral transport, by moving nutrients from the root zone through the xylem to other parts of the plant where they are needed for metabolic reactions. The flowering cycle of a plant comes with increased nutrient demands, making additional calcium necessary for flower growth.
>Potassium: Protein synthesis is an important step in creating plant biomass. Potassium promotes the conversion of nitrogen and glucose into amino acids and protein. Potassium plays a large role in enzyme activation that is necessary for protein synthesis, as well as enzymes used in photosynthesis and ATP synthesis.


BULK can be applied as a root drench in any type of growing media. The basic rate is 8 ml per gallon of water when feeding weeks 3 and 4 of flower, and 4 ml per gallon when feeding in weeks 5 and 6 of flower.


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