The Science of Marijuana Paperback Book

A well-balanced, non-specialist book covering the biological and social aspects of cannabis.

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It’s widely understood that marijuana has been used as a recreational drug throughout Western countries for decades, although its only in recent years that the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis have begun to be examined. Amid controversy, debate and illegality both recreational and medicinal marijuana have a long and complex history.

In his book, The Science of Marijuana, Leslie Iverson gives us a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the recent strides made in understanding what happens in our brains and bodies when it comes to using or abusing cannabis. Pressure to make medicinal use legal has been widely supported by groundbreaking discoveries of how we’re affected by chemicals found present in marijuana. By taking an objective and scientific approach, Dr Iverson provides a contemporary assessment on the remarkable potential for the benefits of cannabis and its medical applications but also the health risks associated with it.

Refreshingly honest and direct, The Science of Marijuana also tackles the issues of legalisation, recreational use and some insight into how attitudes in the future may be very different to what they are today.


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