Wax Liquidizer – Pineapple Express Flavour

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The Wax Liquidiser Pineapple Express flavoured solution will give you the ability to vape your wax, shatter or rosin by synthesising them into an e-liquid that’ suitable with any vaporizer or vape pen on the market. Enjoy vaping like never before with this liquidiser that allows you to savour the taste of tropical pineapples while enjoying the effect of vaping your own products.

How to use Wax Liquidizer:

  • Place 1 gr. of a concentrate of your choice into a heat-resistant/microwavable cup or the Wax Liquidiser Shot Glass.
  • Add 2 ml. of Wax Liquidizer into your glass or cup using either a measuring syringe or simply two drops from the provided dropper.
  • Heat the glass/cup in a microwave oven for 10 seconds
  • Stir your solution to mix the contents into a smooth liquid consistency.
  • Use a syringe to transfer your liquidised vape oil into the heating chamber of your vaporizer.
  • If you do not own or do not wish to use a microwave, the heating process can also be performed in a saucepan filled with a very small amount of water on a low heat.

Ingredients: Wax Liquidizer contains medical grade Propylene Glycol (PG, PEG200 and PEG400) which has been deemed by the FDA as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). There is no odour or taste and the majority of high-end e-juice manufacturers use is as their stabilising agent.

Wax Liquidizer Pineapple Express flavour can be purchased in the following amounts: 15 ml, 30 ml. and 60 ml.


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