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Cannabis Breeding Program

Explore the wonders of cannabis breeding and how to become a master reproducer of this beautiful plant through our cannabis breeding program. We will guide you through learning the many principles and methods of cross-pollination, genotypes, and hybridization throughout large populations of seed. You will be producing happy new seedlings in no time!

Cannabis is an anemophilous species; this is a fancy way of saying that it is wind-pollinated. Under natural, or wild, conditions, male plants undergo dehiscence (shedding of pollen) and disperse pollen into the wind and pollinate females. Learn how to master Mother Nature in this program and take propagation into your own hands.

Cannabis Breeding

There are many possibilities to explore in the world of propagation. This program will walk you through a step-by-step cannabis breeding program that begins with choosing the breeding parents. Females are easier to choose than males, and you will learn why choosing male plants with desirable characteristics are not so easy.

Seed Crop Care

Beyond propagation, it is time to nourish your seeds onto a path of good health. Learn how growers use a complete balanced diet throughout the flowering cycle in order to provide your seeds with the nutrients they need for proper development.

Breeding Program Components

Breeding is an art and a science. We will explain how to help you focus your vision and how every breeding program should begin by developing a breeding goal. Even the most experienced breeders find it difficult to stabilize their strains. Many strains become unstable as they are bred, revealing unexpected traits that can be traced back many generations.

What to Expect

  • 2 Program Videos (55:59 Time)
  • Discussion Forum – Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • 2 eBooks (19 Pages Total)
  • 2 Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion


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