Greenhouse Grower Certification

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Planning a greenhouse is not the easiest task. There are many intertwined components and several sizes of each. This certification introduces you to small-scale commercial greenhouse production and helps to develop the decision-making skills needed to design, supervise and grow in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Grower Certification will provide you with the comprehensive training to operate greenhouses and outdoor frames to successfully cultivate cannabis using the power of sunlight. Learn the design and use of enclosed structures to manipulate controlled environments, effects on growth as applied to cannabis, as well as production and the seasonal process of cultivating outdoors.

With the high cost of electricity to cultivate commercial gardens indoors, greenhouses provide the ability for higher production yields and the ability to lower costs using natural sunlight.  This certification is intended for those going into or already working in the cannabis industry. Much of the time online requires study of greenhouse structures, heating systems, plant nutrition, soil media formulation, and pest management.

Learning Objectives

  • Garden Safety and Security
  • Calendar and Checklist
  • Cannabis Horticulture
  • Seeds and Seedlings
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Flowering Cannabis
  • Harvesting Cannabis
  • Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames
  • Electricity
  • Soil and Containers
  • Water and Nutrients
  • Pests, Fungi, and Diseases

One of the exciting trends in the cannabis industry is the explosive growth of greenhouses. However, the owners and operators of greenhouse production facilities often have a lot of questions about ideal operational conditions after the greenhouse is built.

Greenhouses are very popular since the sun is free, and you still produce the highest-quality cannabis since a greenhouse shields the plants from the environment (wind, rain, etc). The plants can grow much larger than indoor plants without using costly electricity. The goal for our Greenhouse Grower Certification is to give you the very best starting point in making your greenhouse operation a success.

What to Expect

  • 24 Course Videos (7:16:25 Time)
  • Supplemental Videos
  • Discussion Forum – Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • 24 eBooks (190 Pages Total)
  • 12 Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion

Individual Benefits

In the increasingly competitive cannabis job market, providing a prospective employer with a certification from Green CulturED shows that you have taken the initiative to learn on your own and will increase your chances of getting hired. It will demonstrate to your prospective employer that you will require far less training than other applicants, and will put you ahead of other candidates who are applying for positions in the cannabis industry.

Business Benefits

By training all employees consistently it allows your business to provide the proper information that will be given to customers since there is a wide range of information and it can be difficult to keep up to date with, much less to train an employee on. Additionally, it reduces the risk for your business by having a workforce that is aware of all the rules and has been certified as having the needed knowledge.


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