Pests, Fungi, and Diseases Program

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Cannabis Pests, Fungi, and Diseases Program

Pests are every grower’s worst nightmare, but they don’t need to take over your crop. Learn how to face these garden predators and take control of their threat, whether indoors or outdoors. We will give you the keys to a successful harvest by understanding how cannabis pest infestation can create permanent long-term harms for your space and how to avoid these issues without fear.

You will master the know-how of pest infestation, including where and how they can live outdoors as well as how they can penetrate indoor spaces. They can easily go without detection so it’s critical to have this knowledge in order to identify early warning signs.

In this program, you will learn about common pests, including spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, fungus gnats, thrips, caterpillars, many other pests and outdoor predators that will ruin your garden. Identification, detection, treatment, and control methods are discussed for each of these common pests.

Fungi and Diseases

You will learn the importance of protecting your cannabis garden and maximizing your yield through appropriate plant nutrients, lighting, ventilation and water. Identification, detection, treatment, and control methods are discussed for common problems with fungi as well as diseases.

We will show you the key tricks and tips for taking control of these potentially detrimental issues and rid your garden of them before they do any damage. You will understand how to prevent fungus by controlling all the factors contributing to its growth: remove hiding places, keep the room clean, lower the humidity, and keep your air well-circulated.

What to Expect

  • 2 Program Videos (1:01:20 Time)
  • Discussion Forum – Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • 2 eBooks (25 Pages Total)
  • 2 Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion


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