Stoned Stars: Green Confessions from Celebrities

Marijuana smoking is for everybody, and the fact that many celebrities have confessed to popping the proverbial kite-string reinforces our claim. We tend to...

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Stories about Weed that Are Untrue

There are thousands of stories about weed and unfortunately, most of them are untrue and steeped in misconceptions. These stories are partially accountable for...

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How Medical Weed Helped Me with My Depression

Depression can be caused by a variety of things, and also by nothing. It is not fully understood what fuels its engine, but scientists usually revolve around:...

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The First Time I Smoked Marijuana

Many people are afraid to smoke because they’ve heard awful things about being high on marijuana, stories that are fit for a compendium of horror literature...

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How Marijuana Helped a 6-year Old

In spite of the fact that it’s been legalized pretty much everywhere around the globe, cannabis still gets a lot of dirt from the media. There are stories...

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A Funny Story about Cannabis Butter

Cannabis butter can be used for a variety of things: making brownies or muffins, adding it on popcorn, mac’ n cheese, and others. It is really delicious...

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