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The First Time I Smoked Marijuana

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Many people are afraid to smoke because they’ve heard awful things about being high on marijuana, stories that are fit for a compendium of horror literature rather than a “Let me tell you about that time…” conversation.

But then again, you’ve probably heard those stories on the television and to quote the great, late Bill Hicks: “You never see positive drug stories on the news, do you?” Since there are many cannabis myths out there, I feel compelled to dispel some of them.

How? By telling you how my first time on weed was. The story doesn’t involve dragons, alternative universes or rainbows, but it’s good.

Here It Is:

As a person with unbelievable generalized anxiety, I find it really difficult to relax. Even when I do, I really don’t because I wonder how it would be to run to the end of the world. I was on medication pretty much my entire adult life.

All sorts of medications, some stronger than others: none of those helped me with my condition. This is the main reason why I was skeptical that marijuana smoking would help me in any way.

My friends were all into cannabis, so there was no going out without sucking at the joint first. One night, I decided to take a few drags and see how I felt. It wasn’t medical weed, mind you. It was strong indica.

medical weed

My friends were passing the joint, so I took it and got two good drags out of it. I was fine for a couple of minutes and then it hit me like a freight train. I felt as if lead had been poured into me and a ball of hot menthol (if it makes any sense) had been buried in my chest.

I had never felt so heavy (in a good way) and relaxed in my life. I remember I got the famous couch-lock and I just sat there like a stone. I was warm all over and time moved slower.

At some point, I laughed because I thought it took me 30 minutes to drink a cup of water. I was fighting the urge to close my eyes, but my eyelids seemed to have a will of their own. Of course, I had no tolerance to weed whatsoever.

It just felt like somebody in my head kept on telling me “Go to sleep” and “Close your eyes”. I finally fell asleep and here’s the deal, cross my heart: I have never slept better since then. The more I smoked after that, the more relaxed I’ve taught myself to become.

smoke weed relaxed

I take anxiety medication only when I can’t get a joint. Like most of you, I was very skeptical, but really had no reason to be so. No pills ever helped me as much as weed did and does to this day.

It provides instant relaxation and you can be the worst insomniac in the world, it can still knock you out. Marijuana smoking improved the quality of my life to a degree that I never thought would be possible.

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