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A Funny Story about Cannabis Butter

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Cannabis butter can be used for a variety of things: making brownies or muffins, adding it on popcorn, mac’ n cheese, and others. It is really delicious while still retaining the specific marijuana taste. Obviously, it can be eaten raw, but it will knock you out.

However, you should never keep it in the fridge if you’re still living with your parents and your entire family comes to their place for dinner. The next story will let you know why you shouldn’t do that.

Eating Weed Butter without Knowing It

The story was posted by a Reddit user one year ago and has become a hit since then. It goes like this: a guy kept his cannabis butter in the fridge. His mother used it thinking it was her son’s “vegan butter”.

Unfortunately, he found out she’d used it for dinner after she did so. As you might expect, he was freaking out, as his family didn’t know about his marijuana use. 45 minutes into the whole thing, the weed kicked it.

The guy kept on updating his Reddit entry. His sister had fallen asleep, his father could not wipe the smile off of his face and his mother was going ballistic over the fact that she thought they all had food poisoning from the “overdue” vegan butter. She had never taken any drugs in her life, not even coffee or nicotine.

His uncle was affected but laughed like a madman every time he looked at the guy because he had recognized the taste of weed in the food. Therefore, he knew what was going on. According to the guy, his uncle was a cannabis fiend and had gotten him out of trouble a couple of times when he was stoned.

Meanwhile, the guy sat at the table all fidgety and fairly horrified. His uncle eventually told his father what the deal with the butter was. After he learned about that, he became mad at his son but unfortunately for him, he couldn’t be mad for more than 30 seconds.

A couple of minutes later, his mother started to throw up, then it hit her that she should have never quit art school. His uncle was laughing the whole time and trying to get his mother out of calling an ambulance.

After things calmed down, he and his uncle ate the remaining weed butter. While many people have consumed cannabis as butter, none have ever been through so many. Going through this was probably this guy’s worst trip ever.

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to have some weed butter handy, but if you’re living with your parents, don’t keep it in the fridge. Keep it at a friend’s, if possible. Keep in mind that this butter smells like crazy, so be careful.

There are a lot of funny stories about marijuana out there. People getting stoned without knowing it, people getting too stoned, etc. Be extremely careful what you’re doing with your stash if you still live with your parents.

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