Cannabis Cooking Oil: How to Make it

Cannabis Cooking Oil: How to Make it

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Cannabis cooking oil is the quintessential component of many marijuana edibles ranging from weed brownies to cannabis salad dressings. It’s also known as canna-oil.

If you’re looking to medicate with your food, you’ve found the first step!

Many people want to get into the cannabis infusions, but it can be challenging at first, which is the reason why many return to marijuana smoking in defeat. That won’t be your case!

There are several amazing benefits of cannabis-infused food. The weed effects are often longer, stronger, and slower to set in. This makes the process much more affordable and efficient. With a small dose, you’re going to get more than what you would get by smoking it.

For this reason, you should start with small doses first. This way, you can more or less control how it affects you. Also you can find out lots of other cool cannabis recipes on our cooking tab. Enjoy it!

Ingredients & Tools– Canna-oil

The ingredient list is very slim, but you’re going to need a few tools to get started with your cannabis cooking oil.

Ingredients & Tools– Canna-oil

  • 1 Cup of ground cannabis flower (the amount dictates the potency, go with less if you want a milder effect)
  • 1 Cup of the cooking oil of your preference (often coconut or olive oil, this will determine the overall taste)
  • Strainer or cheesecloth
  • A hand grinder (It’s best to avoid appliances such as blenders or coffee grinders, given that they pulverize the weed)
  • A slow cooker or double-boiler

Preparation – Canna-oil

To start with, you must grind the cannabis. You can choose to include just the flower, the entire plant, or parts of both. It’s a matter of preference (bear in mind that you don’t have to grind it into a fine powder).

Pour your cooking oil and ground cannabis in your slow cooker or double-boiler. Heat them together on low for a few hours to decarb the cannabis gently, without scorching it.

If you use the slow cooker: keep it on the lowest level for 4 to 6 hours, and stir occasionally.

If you use a double-boiler: keep it on low heat for up to 8 hours; stir occasionally.

You can also use a saucepan, but I don’t suggest it because there are more risks of scorching. If you do go this route: cook it on low heat for at least 3 hours and stir occasionally.

In all instances, you can add a small amount of water to the mixture to prevent burning. No matter your choice, don’t let the oil’s temperature exceed 245 degrees F.

When ready, strain well, and store the oil. If you used the cheesecloth, don’t squeeze it!


In general, the oil’s life on the shelf is about 2 months, more when refrigerated. You’d be wise to avoid using oil on dishes that require heating; you can’t microwave it, and you should go for low heat if possible.

baking desserts

sautéing your vegetables

frying your morning eggs

salad dressing

Canna-oil is a great way to start; you can proceed to use it for different things such as baking desserts, sautéing your vegetables, frying your morning eggs, or as a simple salad dressing.

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    Some people made advice for our article:
    “For much stronger edibles, Decarb your material in oven Before trying to bind to Carrier oil. 240f for 15-20 min is fine. ”
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