Best Air Purifier for Growing Weed

Best Air Purifier for Growing Weed

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We all know that skunky, sweet aroma of cannabis. It’s pretty much characteristic of marijuana! But, you mustn’t forget that there are regulations here and there, so you can’t just let your grow operations vent untreated air.

Many commercial cannabis growers struggle with this fact because municipalities have strict regulations regarding emissions from grow-rooms or greenhouses, especially in urban areas.

The primary method that growers use for controlling heat and humidity is ventilation. But this poses a challenge.

Ventilation will emit clouds of untreated air, but without it, the greenhouses would get too hot and humid, leading to pests, mold, and diseases.

For any commercial cannabis operation to grow, you need smart, cost-effective solutions. As you extend your own operation, the need for odor control methods increases.

However, this doesn’t mean that home growers are exempt from this preoccupation. A home grower often wants to keep his operation discrete, so the first step is reducing odors.

But how can you effectively control odors, cooling, and air circulation? Let’s check some of the best air purifiers to keep that air in check!

  • Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters for growing marijuana indoorThey are the go-to for home growers and smaller cannabis operations. They’re simple, effective, and reliable.

Its main disadvantage is that they must be changed regularly, every 2 to 4 months, in fact. For this reason, home growers or small-scale producers use them.

These carbon filters are costly on large scale, but they’re perfectly alright for smaller environments.

The more humid the place, the worse its performance will be. This makes environmental control extremely important! See the filters you can here.

  • Air Filters

Air Filters for growing weed in grow room or greenhousesThese trap particles as they circulate through the filter. They’re less effective than carbon filters for odor control, but they do a great job at trapping dense particles such as dust and mold.

Generally, the more expensive ones outperform the cheaper ones by a large margin, but they do get pricey. If you’re a home grower concerned with air quality and the peace of your neighbors, investing in an expensive air purifier might be the best route if projected towards the long run. Such kind of the filters you can find here.

  • Odor Neutralizers

Odor Neutralizers cover odor of cannabis while growingThese don’t eliminate the odor, they just cover it up. They’re similar to a car freshener.

Gels and oils are better in this department, and they’re limited to small, home growers, but if you use a quality gel, for example, you won’t have any problems.

These absorb and eliminate cannabis odors. You should place them near your plants and the living areas, but never in the garden area, as they will impact the taste and smell of the final product. Examples of odor neutralizers look  here.


We overlooked some of the “big guns” in air purifying such as building huge sealed greenhouses for obvious reasons. But, the point we want to make is that this topic is open to more innovation.

With more and more cannabis growers “sprouting” into the market, and with laws slowly decriminalizing weed, we should expect some huge advancements in this field in the coming years!

In the meantime, enjoy your home-grown marijuana without putting yourself on the radar!

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