about Growing Weed Indoors, sets a range of challenges

What You Should Know about Growing Weed Indoors

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Growing marijuana indoors sets a range of challenges. Still, you shouldn’t be discouraged by this. As a general rule, beginnings are difficult, but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that growing weed indoors is actually a pleasure. Here are the primary steps you must follow for the best results.

  • Create a cannabis growth space

Before you start harvesting marijuana, you have to set up a designated growth space. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a typical room, it can be a tent, cabinet, closet, or even a corner of a spare room. You can see what kinds of grow tents and grow boxes exist. However, both the plants and the equipment should easily fit into that space.

After that, you’ll require equipment such as ducting, fans, lights, and still, you should have enough space to move around. Bear in mind that cannabis plants are prone to double in size, during the early stage of the flowering. So, you should have enough space for that.

  • Choose the containers carefully

Choose the containers for growing marijuana

Since you plan on growing weed indoors, you’ll need containers, obviously. You should start with containers that are the same size as a 5-gallon bucket. Concurrently, make sure that the containers have drainage holes. Whether you pick a deep gardening pot, a sturdy bucket or a fabric pot, it should have adequate drainage. In other words, your cannabis plants shouldn’t be sitting in un-drained, soggy soil, as it could seriously damage them.

  • Make sure the soil mix is nutritive

The ideal medium for growing weed is a nutritive, organic potting soil mix. So  you should choose a soil that has an excellent combination of nutrients, such as compost, coco fiber, earthworm castings, peat moss, bag guano, and kelp meal. You can see what kinds of Nutrients exist. Nevertheless, we advise you to steer clear of soil mixtures that contain slow-release nutrients. That’s because those additives might affect the weed in its flowering stage.

  • Adequate watering and lighting

watering and lighting for growing weed

It’s essential to water the cannabis plant regularly. You should maintain the soil moist by using a spray bottle. Doing so will prevent you from overwatering, which can be damaging to the cannabis. The plant is prone to fungal root diseases when the soil is overly wet. Also it is very convenient to use Hydroponics systems.

As soon as the cannabis plant shows its first leaves, it’s time to move on the focus on the lighting. For the most part, light management is the single, probably most important element when it comes to growing weed indoors. As a rule of thumb, your cannabis plants should have at least 18 hours of light daily. Also you can read What Is Light Deprivation and How Can It Help? and Are T5 Lights Good for Growing Weed?

light management like important element to growing weed indoors

For this purpose, you’ll require a fluorescent lamp. As long as you offer your plants enough lighting, the plants will grow strong, have sturdy roots and deliver a consistent harvest. Although the buds won’t appear for a few more months, if you provide your plant with sufficient lighting during the vegetation phase, you’ll be happy you did so. You’ll reap excellent results!

Hopefully, this article has offered you the primary guidelines for starting to grow cannabis indoors. Although the process involves attention and plenty of work, remember to have fun, as well!

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