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Are T5 Lights Good for Growing Weed?

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Thinking about getting some T5 lights? Many indoor growers prefer T5 lights because they’re cheaper than other options, such as LED. But, there’s more to T5 lights than that.

For instance, they are cool, meaning that you can suspend them right above the plants, maximizing their efficiency. But their operation is cheaper as well, meaning that you can cover a larger weed growing setup.

Advantages T5 Lights for Growing Weed

I know that it might sound crazy to some. How can a fluorescent bulb in the blue spectrum help anything grow? Still, those who are in the industry have used unconventional or “weird” methods for tens of years. Old-school growers had T12 bulbs and high-pressure sodium lamps, but finding T12 bulbs nowadays is hard, given the regulations.

So, in short, T5 lights are:

  • More energy-efficient
  • Cheaper to acquire, and cheaper to maintain
  • Cool, they make very little heat

T5 lights are great for those who want to grow multiple plants at a time, and if you’re on a budget, they will help you get started.

They’re perfect for growing cannabis during the vegetation stage, and they won’t scorch your plants like other high-pressure sodium lights that become hot. So, you can keep them close to your plants, meaning that you can also save money on smaller grow tents.

That’s not to say it has no disadvantages.

Disadvantages T5 Lights for Growing Weed

You will require additional lights from other spectrums to assist you throughout the flowering process. The T5s alone won’t cut it for your yield.

And, while they’re cheaper to buy and maintain, T5 bulbs last about 28,000 to 36,000 hours on average. This means that you must place them in smart positions. Lastly, they require a ballast but that’s often included in the fixture.

There are a few workarounds for its disadvantages such as using mixed spectrum (blue/red works pretty good).

Generally, the T5 might not be good enough for outdoors. Also, while they’re pretty cool compared to other light sources, don’t neglect proper ventilation.

Compared to HID and LED

Many growers use HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights. While they’re valid options, they’re often more expensive, operate at increased heat (which means more costs across the board for things like ventilation and electricity) and are just as durable as T5s.

LED, on the other hand, is superior in almost every way, but come at an increased price. A cheap LED is more expensive than a quality T5 lamp, and cheap LEDs are often subpar anyways.

T5 lamps are superior for the beginner and intermediate grower, given its costs and quality.

Some might decide to save money by using T5 lamps extensively for cloning and vegetation while using a small but quality LED for flowering.

We recommend you check your environment first. For those living in warm places, T5 lamps are a blessing, but if you’re in a much colder place, you will either need more T5 lights or HID lamps.


T5 lights are reliable lamps. They will kickstart any beginner grower into the business just as they can assist a professional manage a large cannabis operation.

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