Most Potent Strain of Weed

What’s the Most Potent Strain of Weed?

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When we say the “most potent strain of weed,” what is it exactly that makes it so “potent?” Well, it is its ability to get you high – the psychoactive ingredient that makes you see all the pixies and fairies. Yes, that’s the THC level in the weed.

In all honesty, the potency of weed changes as this herb becomes more and more popular. Several years ago, the most potent weed was around 20%, but now it’s way over 30%. Since weed has been legalized in most states, people can now experiment without breaking into a cold sweat each time they hear a police siren.

Going on Thirty 

For those wanting to find (or avoid) the strongest strain of 2017, you might want to add Manali West’s Nova OG to that list. Presenting a total of 35.6% in THC, it’s most likely the strongest strain in the history of cannabis. A hybrid of many marijuana seeds, this unique strain won the title of Best Sativa at the Denver Cannabis Club.

 the strongest strain in the history of cannabis

On the other hand, we can’t say for certain that this is the strongest strain. For instance, the 1960s may have had a stronger one and we had no idea. They would test the THC via different methods, and the results may have been inaccurate – lower than normal.

Growing weed is pretty much a scientific project right now, and the THC levels depend on many factors – such as the lighting or the temperatures that the plant grew in. Some companies even add THC in their strains to make it more potent, but so far, the Nova OG seems to be the one that embraces the “natural high” the most.

What Nova OG Feels Like

This Indica-dominant marijuana is the perfect thing to have if you are a fan of coffee. On the inhale, it feels like peppery coffee meets bubblegum and lemon, the aroma being bittersweet yet pleasant.

Nova advises that beginners should proceed with caution when using this strain – which makes sense, considering its potency. While it won’t kill you, it may lead to several overwhelming body and cerebral effect. It is also advised that consumers use it during the evening when they have no other plans left for the day.

The type of high you receive is uplifted, focused, and clear-headed. This strain is followed by a state of deep relaxation, and a feeling of ease. It’s highly recommended if you suffer from arthritis, muscle spasms, or chronic pain.

Final Thoughts

The high THC levels are recommended if you’re battling PTSD or any type of chronic pain.

You may, however, want to avoid using it during the day. The high will be so great that you will not be able to be productive – or even move from your spot – at all. Leave it for the evening, when you know for a fact that your services are no longer required anywhere.

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