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The Most Common Myths about Growing Marijuana

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For the novice marijuana grower, the Internet is a place filled with information. And, truth be told, it is rather difficult to differentiate between actual facts and myths, when you’re inexperienced in this realm. That’s why today, we will enumerate the most common myths about growing marijuana. Let’s proceed, shall we?

  1. You can determine the sex of the plant by looking at the seed

Considering that female cannabis plants are the only ones that produce buds, obviously, weed growers want to harvest female plants only. While it could be outstandingly convenient to simply glance at the cannabis seed and pinpoint the gender, this is far from the truth. There’s no denying that the idea is rather appealing, but it isn’t true, though.

You can, however, identify the sex of your cannabis seeds by analyzing the pre-flowers – the ones that emerge three weeks after the germination. Female seeds produce delicate white tendrils, whereas males present a miniature banana, with beads below it.

  1. You can harvest male plants for THC

marijuana growing male plants

Let’s cut it down to the chase: you shouldn’t harvest male plants unless you want them to pollinate your female plants. Still, do male plants contain significant levels of THC? Typically, some male plants might contain certain levels of THC. Nevertheless, the amounts would be significantly smaller than in the case of female cannabis plants.

Simply put, male plants don’t develop THC-filled buds. Thereupon, smoking the pollen leaves or sacs isn’t that efficient, considering the low THC levels. That being said, while there are some exceptions to the rule, most male cannabis plants don’t have a significant number of trichomes. That would make it very difficult to harvest THC.

  1. Urinating on the cannabis plants provides them with numerous nutrients

While this sounds really bad, many people swear by it. It’s true that urine consists of some nutrients the cannabis plant may benefit from, such as Nitrogen. Irrespective of that, you shouldn’t urinate on the plants, since there are numerous ways in which you can provide your cannabis plants with the elements it needs to flourish.

Not to mention that the amount of nitrogen present in urine depends on numerous factors. As a result, peeing on the cannabis plants can lead to nitrogen toxicity or nutrient burn. There is also the likelihood of nutrient deficiencies, due to the nutrient lock-out.

  1. Watering the plants with juice or flavorful liquids will improve the taste of the cannabis buds

Growing Marijuana with Water

This is another commonly met myth, and it is far from the truth. Nonetheless, if you want to make your cannabis more flavorful, there are some things you could do. For instance, you can make small changes to the grow room, such as improving the terpene content of the plants. That’s because the terpenes are the molecules that provide the marijuana its distinctive flavor.

There is plenty of information on growing marijuana on the Internet, but you mustn’t believe everything you see or read. You should keep in mind that cannabis is just a plant. So, you should stick to the basics, pay attention to the way in which the plant develops and be consistent. This way, you’ll definitely enjoy a successful crop.

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