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Top Reasons Why You Should Grow Weed

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Ever since the days of total cannabis prohibition, many things have changed – for the better. In fact, cannabis has been legalized in numerous states, which means you can actually consider growing weed as a hobby. As long as you meet the specifications to cultivate weed in your state, there’s nothing you should worry about in this respect.

Typically, most states allow you to cultivate between four and six plants. Still, there are some stipulations in other states that allow larger plant counts. That being said, here are the main reasons why you should definitely consider growing weed.

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  1. You are in control of your weed production

Growing weed at home enables you to become a master cultivator. In other words, you have complete and utter autonomy regarding each step of the cultivation process. That being said, whether you want to cultivate it hydroponically, organically, in raised beds or soil containers, the decision is entirely up to you. And the good thing is that there is already a system out there that is meant to make growing cannabis both easy and fun.

  1. Over time, you’ll save money

Most people are concerned regarding the initial investment they need to make for growing weed at home. In fact, most assume that the costs and efforts aren’t worthwhile. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. Essentially, anyone can pursue growing cannabis; you don’t need to have a significant amount of money for this purpose. In fact, from experience, we could say that one successful harvest is likely to pay off your original investment.

It’s true that there are some startup costs linked to growing weed at home, but, in time, those costs will dissipate.

  1. You can experiment

Growing your own weed allows you to experiment more, as well. Simply put, you’ll have access to a range of buds, as well as other equally important parts of the plant which you don’t get your hands on – such as the trim.

Truth be told, due to the prohibition, many people are unaware that other parts of the cannabis plant can be used. The stems, leaves, and seeds can be utilized, and you could create a range of new, exciting items. Simply put, you could try your hand at making edibles, or tinctures – you name it. When you’re producing your own weed, the sky is the only limit.

  1. You know what you get

Another equally important consideration is that growing your own weed means you know what you get. The biggest concern with purchasing weed is that you cannot be 100 percent confident that the plant hasn’t been sprayed with harmful pesticides, or that it isn’t contaminated with pests.

of growing your own marijuana

That being said, when you are in charge of growing your own marijuana, you know that what you’re smoking is natural, and free from pesticides and other harmful elements.

As you can see, growing your own weed is linked to a handful of advantages. Aside from that, it is a worthwhile, fun experience, which has the potential to turn into your favorite hobby.

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