Indoor Grow Room and Greenhouse Program

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Indoor Grow Room and Greenhouse Program

Learn all of the best tips and tricks for a thriving indoor garden. In this program, we will introduce you to the best locations for an indoor grow room or where outdoor growing is the best – where cannabis plants receive more light and, thus, are naturally more robust.

Master a fantastic setup for your fruitful cannabis grow room that is easy to maintain and will produce quality medicine round after round. We will also explore the study of greenhouses, take a look at cold frames and hot frames. With this information, you will be able to select a type of structure that best suits the size, location of your growing area, budget, time for growth, and security issues.

Deciding on a growing structure requires you to first carefully analyze the project on paper. Consider how much space you have for your grow room or structure and how many plants you can grow safely. Taking the time to plan is critical for long-term success.

What to Expect

  • 2 Program Videos (30:22 Time)
  • Discussion Forum – Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • 2 eBooks (13 Pages Total)
  • 2 Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion


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