Accurate Marijuana Home Drug Tests

How Accurate Are Marijuana Home Drug Tests?

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Despite marijuana being declared illegal in most countries, you will still come across individuals who abuse this drug. Read more about Top Places Where to Buy Marijuana Legally in the U.S.

The good thing is that drug testing is not only confined to hospitals and laboratories nowadays. You can purchase a drug screening kit and use it in the privacy of your home.

If you want to determine how much THC is still detectable in your system before going through a test at your workplace or want to know whether your teenage son is using, a marijuana home drug test will come in handy. The only question that many buyers have entails the accuracy of this testing kit. This article explains just how accurate a home weed drug test is.

Are Home Marijuana Drug Tests Accurate?

As is the case with most products, home drug screening kits differ by manufacturer and type. Some call for a urine sample while others require saliva sample. Given these differences, home drug test kits are not all equal and may differ in their accuracy. For the most part, home marijuana drug tests are about 95 to 99% accurate.

A majority of these drug tests provide results within a span of 10 to 15 minutes. However, some drug testing kits take much longer depending on the sample used. When purchasing a test kit to detect marijuana, you should confirm that the manufacturer is certified. It increases your chance of getting accurate results.

a result of cannabis use

Also keep in mind that although a test may yield a positive result, this does not necessarily imply that it’s a result of cannabis use. Some medications, which are meant for the treatment of headaches and migraines (such as Tylenol 3) fall in the same category as opiate and heroin.

Armed with this information, you might be wondering, ‘are there any benefits of investing in a marijuana drug testing kit?’ The answer is YES! Here are some advantages of having your own marijuana drug test kit.

Faster Results

As previously mentioned, a home drug test can be conducted within minutes. Most of these kits require a urine sample, which detects THC concentrations very fast. Also, this takes away the hassle of having to deliver a blood sample to a laboratory and then waiting for hours/days for the results to come in.

child’s marijuana use

A Deterrence for Children

One problem that kids face is peer pressure. They may be convinced by their peers to try weed. Unless you’re keen, you may never get to know about your child’s marijuana use. But, with a drug test kit, you can keep tabs on your child’s behavior. Conduct a random test and find out whether your teenage daughter/son smokes weed when you’re not around.

The accuracy of results differs from one marijuana drug test kit to another. On average, these kits are about 95% precise. If you doubt the results from your home drug test kit, you can have another examination at your nearest hospital.

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