5 Tips When Dabbing for the First Time

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Not everyone knows how to handle concentrates right off the bat, which is why just the thought of dabbing can pull you to the brink of anxiety. What’s a rig? How do you use the torch? Is the “nail” really a nail? Well, if you are a first-time dabber wanting to use medical weed, then this article should help you out.

  1. Know Your Rig

Also known as a “bong,” the rig is the tool you use for vaping marijuana. What’s important, however, is that you can identify its other parts as well:

  • The nail – a small tube with a slight ridge that goes inside the rig and is used to melt the concentrate.
  • The wand – picks up the concentrate and presses it against the nail so that it can melt.
  • The hand torch – a tool that eliminates the fire necessary to melt the concentrate.

Each rig works differently, so you may want to read the instructions of your device carefully. Essentially, it’s: heat, dab the concentrate on the nail using the wand and inhale.

  1. Start Small

While it may seem like a good idea to pour your entire stash of medical marijuana concentrate and go crazy, you may want to start small. By smoking regular weed, you get a 10-30% concentration in THC – which is enough to get you high. On the other hand, dabbing concentrates have around 60-85% THC levels – which might get you higher than you actually want.

  1. Don’t Make Any Plans

When dabbing for the first time, you may want to clear your schedule. Give your couch a nice wink and prepare for an evening in, because you won’t be going anywhere for a while. You might also want to stack up on munchies and liquids because it’s likely that you won’t be able to move much after that.

  1. Don’t Panic When You Cough and Sweat

It’s unfortunate, but if you are a first-time dabber, you are likely to cough. It’s different than smoking a regular cigarette – and it’s different than smoking those dank Indica flowers you accustomed your lungs with. You can read also story The First Time I Smoked Marijuana.

Similarly, don’t freak out if you start sweating like a maniac. Keep in mind that dabbing makes use of heat torches, and the coughing will also get you worked up. Just stay hydrated and remember: this will eventually pass.

  1. Keep the Rig Clean

After using your rig, make sure that you clean it properly. Heat the nail up and use alcohol wipes or a clean rag to get the residue off. Try not to scrape the nail, because this will eventually begin scraping metal into your concentrate.

Now all that’s left to do is: enjoy! Remember that in the entire history of the world, no one ever lost their life due to a cannabis overdose. Sure, you might get the spins, eat everything you have in your fridge, or sleep for days – but you won’t die.

“I have found in my study of these patients that cannabis is really a safe, effective and non-toxic alternative to many standard medications.”  Philip Denney, MD

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