Where to Buy Hash in Madeira

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The year 2007 saw Madeira and Lisbon applaud the Worldwide Cannabis Walk. The campaign appreciated the recent Portuguese laws regarding marijuana use and possession.  In 2001, Portugal created a drug policy system that overruled treatment instead of punishment. As a result, possession of drugs was not regarded as a criminal offense. Thus, if caught smoking pot, the authorities would either ignore you or have your marijuana confiscated if you had 10g or less.

The implementation of the law led to a drastic reduction in the amount of hard drug use in Portugal. Before this law was enforced, individuals were not allowed to use more than 2.5 grams of marijuana in a day. However, residents found growing cannabis for commercial and personal use risk jail and fines as it is still illegal. Additionally, those found selling weed risk a jail term of four to twelve years and a penalty based on the amounts they have.

Recent Laws Regarding Marijuana Use in Madeira

A recent ordinance passed by the Madeira City Council prohibited the sale of medical marijuana in the city. The law also outlawed the setting up of dispensaries within the city. Since the ordinance was passed by emergency, it did not require amendments, hence it took effect immediately, i.e. from 8th September 2017.

Before the enactment of this law, the City Council of Madeira had approved a cessation of marijuana dispensaries in August. This saw Brian Fox, the Law Director in the region, advise against the suspension and instead drafted the law prohibiting the operation of the medical marijuana clinics. The director also drafted legislation limiting the number of dispensaries that could be operated in particular regions of Madeira.

He cited that the council was not opposed to the operations of medical marijuana dispensaries, but the members of the committee would like to examine how they operate in other regions before allowing them in Madeira. Brian also stated that the council appreciated the fact that residents would want to have close access to their pot but there are lots of other factors that prevented the setting up of the dispensaries in the city that they needed to consider.

Where to Buy Madeira Vine Weed

The enactment of the law means Madeira residents will have to look for alternative means of acquiring pot for medicinal use. One such area is Ribeira, located at the riverside of Madeira town. Here you need to approach young men who will direct you to an ideal place to buy Madeira cannabis. These young lads are usually at the nearby open-air bar along Praca da Cordoaria. If you do not want to search for a place to buy, you can buy weed online.

The Cost of Buying Hash in Madeira

Various streets use different names for weed and the buyers have to acquaint themselves with them. In the streets of Riberia, for example, it is known by the name hash while in Lisbon it is known by several names – ganza, bula, burlite, canhao, and erva.

Here, with 5 Euros, you can purchase four to five joints of some decent hash. And if you keep strolling around Riberia streets, you may find more merchants selling hashish.

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