Hemp Houses: Why They Are Worth Considering

Hemp Houses: Why They Are Worth Considering

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Hemp houses are part of the “Eco Houses” movement. Hemp is an important building material in the Eco House construction industry and is a great way for shaping a sustainable future. Hemp Uses Could Save the Environment!

But, why should you consider this?

Our Lifestyle Is Becoming Unsustainable

Year after year, more and more people are being pressed into cities. This inevitably leads to ravaging the environment in a search for more resources to sustain our lifestyle.

Sure, maybe 50 years ago the thought didn’t raise many alarms because the planet didn’t have 7.6 billion people.

The problem is, as population increases, so do our needs: housing, food, water, power, transport, clothing, etc.

There are many issues to take into consideration, but for now, let’s talk about urbanization, and especially, hemp houses.

Busting the Prejudices

Hemp is often a “love or hate” thing; when you say hemp, people often assume you’re just looking for an attractive way of saying marijuana. Not only that this is not weed, but it’s also a building material.

It’s not like you’re going to huff, puff, or blow a hemp house, and even if you did try to, you wouldn’t get high.

Hemp is indeed a variety of the cannabis sativa plant, but this strain has considerably lower THC contents. For the uninitiated, THC is what gets you “high.” In other words, that’s the psychoactive compound.

Hemp is indeed a variety of the cannabis sativa plant

So, why build a hemp house?

Benefits of Hemp Houses

  • Insulation

Given the low density of hemp, the houses made of this material have great thermal insulation. This means that you’ll be saving costs on heating and cooling while enjoying better temperatures.

Hemp houses are naturally fire-resistant, making them an excellent choice if your area is prone to bushfires.

Besides this, hemp materials are naturally soundproof, meaning that your house would be acoustically insulated.

  • Affordable & Green

Hemp is as cheap (or even cheaper) as pre-fabricated brick veneer while being superior.

The best part is that you can grow the hemp next to the construction site. With just a hectare, you’d have enough to start building, and you’d save a lot of money (and time) on transport.

Moreover, the materials are easier and lighter, meaning that progress would be made in significantly less time.

Besides these savings, the running costs of green-houses are lower across the board, meaning that the overall value of your home is even bigger.

Other green-building options aren’t as efficient as hemp. Not to mention that hemp materials produce no greenhouse gas.

  • Healthier

A hemp house features much healthier air. This reduces airborne mold and toxins, leading to fewer respiratory diseases.

And thanks to the characteristics of hemp and lime, your house would be pest-free as well, especially against rats, mice, and termites.


While the situation on the planet might look dire, there’s something we can do about it!

With a hectare of hemp, and simple machinery, you’d be on your way to building your dream green home, all while spending less money and time.

As more and more people get interested, the demand for hemp building raises. It’s not too late to join the movement!

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