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7 European Cannabis Events Worth Visiting Every Year

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Cannabis users are generally seen as people who like to spend their time alone, in the dark, getting stoned and wasting their lives away. And indeed, while a nice plate of hash brownies with some Netflix rolling sounds like an appealing idea, it’s even more rewarding to go outside and move after you get hyped on some cannabis.

Beer enthusiasts have Oktoberfest: it’s only fair that cannabis users also have their own festivals where they can gather, get high, and have fun. From purely business-related events to simple celebrations, here are seven of the best cannabis festivals in Europe that you should definitely visit on a yearly basis.

  1. The Cannabis Cup

European Cannabis Event

This is probably the most well-known festival in the entire world. With its origins in the Amsterdam of 2010, this event spread all across Europe – and reached all the way into the United States. You can participate in all kinds of competitions, going from the “Best Indica” to “Best Medically-Infused Non-Edible Product.”

  1. Cannafest

cannabis festival

It’s known across the world that Prague is packed with avid marijuana smokers. Although technically, it’s illegal to smoke recreational marijuana there, the law enforcement is usually highly tolerant of it – as long as you do it low-key, respectfully, and don’t make a real mess out of it.

This is exactly why the Cannafest festival attracts almost 25,000 visitors every year from all around the world. All of them want to try or learn about medical marijuana.

  1. Spannabis

Spannabis Barcelona

Probably one of the largest events in Europe, Spannabis attracts thousands of marijuana fans every year in Barcelona. Generally covering one weekend of March, you can take part in weed-related events and competitions – and get some nice prizes.


  1. Grow Expo

Grow Expo London

London is also fairly packed in spring when Grow Expo is taking place. This event is perfect for those having a marijuana business since it teaches the basics and provides the materials. It’s also perfect if you simply like to grow your own marijuana.


  1. Cannabis Liberation Day

Cannabis Liberation Day Amsterdam

This is not only a festival where people gather to have a good time. So, Cannabis Liberation Day is an event in Holland, Amsterdam, and it is all about the legalization of weed in Europe. You can come with your vaper, learn about marijuana growing tools – and generally have a good time with a few munchies.

  1. Cultiva Hanfmesse

Cultiva Hanfmesse Vienna

If you are in Vienna in October, you should definitely stop by Cultiva Hanfmesse. This festival has been growing for a decade now, and it showcases all kinds of weed products. Plus, you have other entertaining events such as glass blowing and live music.


  1. THC Cup

THC Cup Valencia

Held in Valencia, Spain, this event is organized every year in January. It’s a competition for marijuana users in every form, and it’s also the best place to try and test various concentrates and buds.



While the weed industry is still fairly underground, it’s starting to develop. Since marijuana is slowly but surely being legalized in many countries, the events are also becoming more and more popular.

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