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Women Grow Leadership Summit in February 2018

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2018 will arguably be the best year for marijuana events in North America, as there are at least 5 major ones in the first 4 months of the year. Today, we’ll be talking about the upcoming Women Grow Leadership Summit.

Trivia on the Event

 industry grows cannabis

The first Women Grow Leadership Summit was organized in 2015 and it has become quite a hit throughout the years. The event brings together many women that work in the medical cannabis industry.

Even though the name of the event might entail the fact that it’s just for women, men are welcomed, as well. The event’s objective is to facilitate networking and learning and will be a source of extremely valuable info for people who want to get in this industry.

There is no other industry that grows at such a fast pace as the cannabis one, so participating in this type of events is a must if you want to stay updated on what’s going on.

Where Will It Be Held and What’s The Price of the Ticket?

This year, the Women Grow Leadership Summit will take place in Denver, Colorado, at the Westin Denver Downtown, from the 1st to the 2nd of February. Sadly, the early bird-type tickets have sold out. Only the ones for All Access and Market Leader are available.

The former cost $699 and the latter $799. This is kind of the standard price for events like this, so don’t think you’ll be overpaying. Moreover, the information you’ll get by participating totally justifies the price you pay for the ticket.

Some of the most high-brow guests and keynote speakers are Carrie Kirk, Leah Heise, the CEO of the Women Grow event and Chanda Macias, who owns the National Holistic Healing Center.

Other speakers will discuss on other panels, as well, so there will be plenty of discussions and debates on hot topics from the marijuana industry. The objective of this event is to kick-start the creation of around 1,000 businesses owned by women.

Even if you already have a medical cannabis business, you should go to the event anyway, because you’ll learn some efficient branding and networking techniques, valuable info concerning methods of attracting investors and stakeholders and improving your leadership skills to take your business to the next level.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you already own a medical weed business or you plan on establishing one, you should not miss any cannabis-related event. It’s difficult to succeed without proper networking.

The chances are that you’ll be able to take your company one step further and improve its functioning. Keep in mind that there are other events next year, so keep an eye on those, as well. Rest assured you won’t regret participating.

The Women Grow Leadership Summit is for everybody involved in the marijuana business, from beginners to moguls. We hope you’ll make the right call and acquire some brand-new information on how things work in this industry.

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