Step-by-Step Instructions for Growing Medical Weed

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Since medical marijuana has been legalized in various countries around the world, many people started to research on methods of getting in the business.

However, research is just one teeny tiny step in the lengthy – and generally nerve-wracking – process of starting a health-cannabis dispensary.

If you’re familiar with the cannabis law in your state and it allows you to start the business you’re thinking about, follow the instructions below and your chances of actually starting a company in this field will be higher.

Steps to Follow

  1. Settle on a strain

There are 6 strains of weed you can grow if you’ve met all the regulations: Jack Herer, northern light, aurora indica, AK-48, super lemon haze and western light purp. As you might expect, they all differ from one another.

For starters, they have different concentrations of cannabidiol and THC. This can make a strain great in treating a certain disorder and less efficient in treating another one. Second of all, their prices and difficulty in growing could fluctuate.

  1. Learn about the flowering process

Cannabis usually needs 24 hours of proper light to sprout. Afterward, it will need cycles of half of that amount to start flowering. This means you’ll have to take great care of them, so you won’t mess it up.

If you’re not much into gardening, maybe your patience is almost inexistent. So, you might want to look for weed seeds that flower within 24 hours. This way, you won’t need to manage them so assiduously.

  1. Choose between male and female seeds

Female cannabis seeds will render a much bigger yield than their male counterparts. But then again, these are usually associated with the “high”, so they might not actually be medical.

  1. Buy the seeds

You can purchase medical weed seeds from a variety of places all over the Internet.

Pro Tip: Make sure you get full discretion when your purchase the seeds. Wherever you buy them from, ensure you will get the top of the line products.

  1. Get a grow tent

You can cultivate a pretty decent yield of marijuana in a spare room with a grow tent. Pretty much all dedicated grow tents are already equipped with everything you need to take care of your plants.

Pro tip: Install the tent in a room where you can install grow lights easily, where there’s current water and a temperature of a maximum 770 and a minimum of 720. Use ventilators and meters to keep the plants cozy all the time.

Concluding Remarks

Growing marijuana requires a lot of patience and expertise. You simply cannot just throw some seeds in a tent and expect a huge yield. Weed needs utmost care and there are many aspects you must take into consideration.

Before you start cultivating, peruse some specialty articles on what makes a good practice and what makes a bad one. This way, you’ll be 100% prepared for all the obstacles that might arise in the meantime.

As you might expect, there’s more to this subject than we’ve outlined here; that’s why personal research is highly recommended.

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