Civil Rights You Lose by Using Legal Marijuana

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It sounds a little harsh, yes, but legal cannabis can still get you in some trouble, especially in states where it’s prohibited. This comes in the form of losing some of your rights as a civilian. Many people still don’t know about this, unfortunately.

We’re talking about 4 rights. Let’s see which those are.

Civil Rights Forfeited by Legal Weed Use

  1. The right to be a parent

Absolutely insane, isn’t it? That might be, but sadly, it’s true. Some states say the use of cannabis, even if you’re legally taking it, is a crime and that it should disqualify you immediately as a parent.

This could serve as a justification to call Child Protective Services on you. If you take a look here, you’ll find out that you can lose custody of your children even if you smoke legal pot in states where it’s been legalized.

  1. The right to be employed

Again, utter, sheer madness. Many companies condone drug tests on people who want to be employed. If you want a job at Walmart or Amazon, for instance, you’ll be tested. They can choose not to hire you if you’ve got cannabis in your system.

It’s wildly discriminating and frustrating, and it certainly makes it look like weed isn’t really fully legalized. So yes, medical cannabis can get you fired or in a permanent search of a job you might not get because you’re trying to alleviate your illness.

  1. The right to travel from state to state

If you’re from the USA, you don’t need a passport to travel in any state of your choice. You don’t even need a permit. However, when you’re a medical weed card-holder, this freedom is cut short.

Even if you plan on traveling to a state where weed is legal, you might have to wait a long time for a permit. And obviously, you might not be able to enter a state where medical marijuana is prohibited, even if you don’t even plan on using cannabis.

This plant has been legalized high and low, but these inconveniences don’t really add to its legitimacy and it might take years until the situation gets out of this grotto.

  1. The right to own a gun

When you register as a medical marijuana user, it’s likely you’ll get a letter from the police in which you’ll be asked to turn your gun in. The renewal of your permit might also suffer in certain states.

All of these happen if your weed use is public.

Concluding Remarks

Losing these fundamental rights is truly awful and surreal, but unfortunately, this is how things work at the moment.

In the future, we might not have a problem, but until then, be aware of what you’re getting yourself into by becoming a registered medical weed user. We recommend you get as much info as you can on how things work in the state you live in and read Instructions to Getting a License for Medical Cannabis.

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