Top Reasons Why Marijuana Is Anathematized

Top Reasons Why Marijuana Is Anathematized

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In spite of the fact that marijuana has been legalized in pretty numerous countries, it still is a widely execrated herb. It’s difficult to understand why given that weed has been shown to have manifold positive effects on the human organism, isn’t it? Then why, we ask, is it so frowned upon?

Well, there are a few things that contribute to this. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. The line between what is a drug and what isn’t is blurred

Cannabis is a natural plant that is not addictive

Everything that can alter one’s consciousness is considered a “drug”, but the reality is altogether different. Coke and heroin, for instance, are drugs, because they are addictive and, most of all, fatal.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is a natural plant that is not addictive. Moreover, you cannot overdose on marijuana, and that’s a fact. Unfortunately, there are tons of misconceptions surrounding this herb.

Weed is a drug inasmuch as it gives you the “high”, but it isn’t more dangerous than say, sage. We need to make a clear-cut boundary between drugs – the ones that can kill if taken in excess – and inoffensive recreational narcotics.

  1. Marijuana smoking is associated with being a lowlife

The ‘60s were fantastic in terms of cultural development but believe it or not, the hippies were seen as scum, even though they smoked weed and enjoyed themselves without hurting anyone.

That misconception endures to this day.Weed smoking immediately get you a wrong label, no matter how successful and law-abiding you are in reality.

  1. People don’t want to educate themselves

learn the facts about weed

The cannabis law has been passed in numerous countries, but people still are unwilling to learn the facts about weed, not the fiction. It’s kind of hard to get decades of bad thinking out of people’s heads. Learn more About Marijuana E-Learning Community.

  1. People think it drives you mad

At its worst, it drives you famished and sleepy, but that’s about it. The ‘60s, again, are the source of this misconception. There was a huge anti-drug movement in rapport with the pro-drug one.

There was a lot of propaganda that claimed that drugs – whatever those might be, but especially marijuana and LSD – drove people mad. Obviously, we know it doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop others from thinking the opposite.

There is no evidence whatsoever that weed would have such an effect. It’s not DMT – that’s among the very few mind-altering substances that are so incredibly powerful that they can actually make you go bonkers.


It will definitely take a while until weed will finally be expurgated 100%. Luckily, we are walking in the right direction, albeit with tiny strides. In a couple of years, we might enjoy marijuana and its benefits without a shred of worry.

Until then, we ought to inform as many people as possible that this is a medicinal herb, most of all, and that it is nowhere near as dangerous as the media portrays it to be. At least we got our facts straight. To confirm this read A Brief History of Medical Weed.

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