How to Smoke Shatter Dabs

How to Smoke Shatter Dabs

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Shatter oil wax has become more and more of a trend among cannabis lovers because it is a powerful concentrate with a concentration of THC that is as large as possible.

However, those who have just gotten into dabbing have some issues in understanding how they should smoke their dab wax shatter. Obviously, you can roll it in a joint, but that’s not recommended because you won’t make the best of it.

Here are a few ways of smoking your dabs.

Can You Smoke Shatter in a Vape?

Yes, you can; in fact, it’s one of the best ways of smoking a dab. There are vape pens that have been designed exclusively for shatter and they’re not as expensive as you might think they are.

Many people prefer to smoke their shatter in a vape because it preserves all that delicious flavor of the wax and doesn’t burn away the THC as quickly as a joint would. A joint burns the shatter – a vape heats it up.

 Smoke Shatter in a VapeDab Rigs

At first, these rigs had to be heated up with a torch in order to melt the wax. Now,  certain e-rigs or e-nails have hit the market and they only require the press of a button to do a fantastic job at vaporizing the precious wax.


Smoking weed in a pipe is a better way of smoking waxRolling a joint with your wax is wildly ineffective and counterproductive because all the THC in it will be dissipated when the wax is burned. Smoking it in a pipe is a better way of smoking wax, although it has pretty much the same outcome.

You might get a better result if you fill the pipe with dried cannabis first and then put the shatter on top of it. This way, the heat won’t burn the shatter directly, but it will melt it steadily.

Smoking shatter into a joint or pipe should be your last resort. If you have a vape pen handy, you should use it. If you don’t and you want your shatter, roll it in a joint but put it in the middle of it.

Again, this will prevent the wax from being in direct contact with the heat. Therefore, it will preserve its THC and valuable terpenes.

Some Precautions

If you’ve never smoked shatter before, you should know that it’s not your common cannabis. It is an ultra-concentrated form, which means it will stone you beyond measure. But then again, you will enjoy its full flavor.

If you’re scared, smoke just a bit of wax until you get used to the effects. There are heavyweight, hardcore smokers out there that are basically destroyed by shatter.

smoke shatter through various methodsAfter you’ve developed a somewhat decent tolerance to it, you’ll be able to increase your intake without feeling like a rock. Although you can smoke shatter through various methods, we recommend you invest in an e-nail, to make the most out of the product.

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