What You Need to Know about Marijuana Legalization in California

What You Need to Know about Marijuana Legalization in California

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There’s been a big hype over the news recently, and this time it all revolves around California. In November 2016, voters decided that marijuana should be legal to consume and purchase. In the first month of 2018, their wish came true. Talk about a good way to start the New Year.

While California may now be the largest state to legalize marijuana use (and business), there are still a few catches. Just because it’s legal to buy, that doesn’t mean you can pull out a joint in the middle of a public place and proceed to get high. Therefore, here are some issues that you might want to know about regarding the cannabis law in California.

The Limits of Legal

Marijuana is legal in states of USAMarijuana is legal now, but that doesn’t mean that every 18-year-old high school student can grow their own recreational marijuana field. In Proposition 64 of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, it is stated that only those who have passed the age 21 can legally buy and hold recreational marijuana. If you are 18, you should be allowed to pick up medical weed – but only as long as you have a recommendation.

Plus, there are limits when it comes to quantities. For example, you are not allowed to grow more than six plants in your house, nor can you carry more than 8g of concentrate on you (wax or oil). You can also carry just up to one ounce of buds without getting in trouble with the authorities. You can find all what you need for growing marijuana!

Lighting in Public

Marijuana smoking is legal – but only if you do it in private. If you do it in public, this will cost you a $100 fine – so you might want to hold it for your relaxing nights indoors. Your boss can also prohibit you from smoking cannabis since they still have the right to perform drug tests.

Weed is still illegal when it comes to federal law, so if you buy it in California, you’re still not allowed to carry it in other states. National parks and other properties owned by federals are also off limits for having marijuana on you.

Where Can You Find Weed in California?

Technically, you can legally buy marijuana at any dispensary in California. Practically, this doesn’t mean that they will also have it. There are many cities that still need to get a license for selling in dispensaries, including the big ones. For example, if you wanted to buy weed in Los Angeles or San Francisco, the chances are that all you got was a big, fat “No.”

Sure, it’s legal now – but it will take a while until people (and authorities) get used to the idea. It might be best that you first exercise caution before pulling out your joint. Ideally, you might want to use it in the comfort of your own home, with no authorities breathing down your neck. Read also about Cannabis Cultivation Conference Event 2018 in California.

legally buy marijuana at any dispensary in California

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