The Some Scientific Facts about Marijuana

The Some Scientific Facts about Marijuana

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Hundreds of people across the globe love to smoke weed. In the United States alone, at least 100 million individuals have tried this drug. It has even been deemed as legal in 13 states because of its medical benefits. Read more about The States Where Growing Medical Weed Is Legal.

Surprisingly, very few people know the truth about this incredible green plant. Does it lead to addiction? Is it true that it ruins your immune system? Read on to differentiate the myths from facts about marijuana.

It’s derived from Cannabis Plant

The first scientific fact regarding weed is that it’s obtained from the cannabis plant (which is also referred to as hemp). This crop grows between 8 and 12 feet, and it thrives both in indoor and outdoor settings.

The key ingredient in marijuana is THC, and it’s responsible for the ‘high’ feeling. THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in full, interacts with molecules, which are known as cannabinoid receptors; hence, causing the ‘high’ feelings.

Marijuana has Different Strains

Weed strains can either be pure or hybrid. There are two major cannabis strains namely Sativa and Indica. It means that weed can be made purely from the Sativa or Indica strain or be a blend of both species.

Marijuana has Different StrainsThe idea behind breeding different strains is to intensify the characteristics of these plants. A good example of marijuana strain is the OG Kush, which contains the highest THC concentration among the Kush family. Sour Diesel is yet another common strain, and it’s known for its strong scent and mood-boosting effects.

Marijuana Is Consumed in Various Ways

A joint is one of the more iconic techniques of consuming marijuana. Just roll the weed into a joint, then smoke it. Other people like smoking it in a cigar shell.

Another way of smoking weed is by using a pipe. More specifically, people use a bong, which is a special type of pipe for passing smoke through water. But, out of all these methods, researchers and health experts agree that a vaporizer offers the safest way of consuming marijuana.

This apparatus works by vaporizing the essential ingredients without burning them; hence, releasing a clean and pure vapor instead of smoke.

Marijuana has Physical and Psychological Effects

Marijuana has Physical and Psychological EffectsAnother fact that spurs a lot of debate among people involves the effects brought about by marijuana. Marijuana influences different systems in our bodies, and these effects start right after inhalation.

The effects of marijuana differ from one individual to another. The most common of these are increased heart rate, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth and an increase in appetite. Others may also experience anxiety and paranoia.

Chronic users of marijuana have been found to experience the same effects as long-term cigarette smokers. Thankfully, you can prevent this by investing in a weed vaporizer, which is gentler on your lungs.


Thus, some of the scientific facts that you should know about weed are that it’s derived from the cannabis plant, it causes psychological and physical effects and it can be consumed in different ways.

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