How Many Grams Are in a Quad of Weed

How Many Grams Are in a Quad of Weed?

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Cannabis is usually sold by the gram, the ounce or the pound but recently, a new term has appeared: the “quad”. But how much weed is in a quad exactly? Most people agree that a “quad” means 7 grams or just slightly over that.

The price of the quad ranges from $30 to $100. In the states where cannabis is legal, you can get 7gs for a price that ranges between $30 and $70. In the states where weed has yet to be legalized, it’s much pricier. You can study the prices of marijuana depending on the type and other properties.

It comes for somewhere around $50 but it can sell for $100, too; it depends on who you buy it from. If you’ve got a friend, you might get a lower price. If not, you’ll have to pay full price.

$100 isn’t that bad for 7 grams of weed, anyway.

cannabis is usually sold in grams, ounces or pounds

Other Measurements

As mentioned above, cannabis is usually sold in grams, ounces or pounds, but there are also eights, quarters, halves, and dimes. Let’s see how much marijuana you get from each of these common measurements.

1 Ounce: 1 ounce of weed will get you 28 grams (8 8ths or 4 quarters)

1 Pound: 1 ounce of marijuana will get you 448 grams (128 8ths or 64 quarters)

1 Eight: 1 eight of weed is 3.4 grams

1 Quarter: 7 grams of weed (this is the quad you were having issues with)

1 Half: 14 grams

1 Dime: 0.5 grams

There, now you know all the measurements that apply to the kush you love so much. By knowing these, the risk of being scammed is decreased, which is great, considering that many vendors will try to scam the living Bejesus out of you.

Obviously, the prices differ from quantity to quantity:

1 Ounce: between $200 and $350

1 Pound: between $1000 and $4000

1 Eight: between $35 and $60

1 Quarter: between $70 and $120

1 Half: between $120 and $180

1 Dime: somewhere around $10

The quality of the weed makes a huge difference in price, of course. Also, it matters where you buy it from. If you’re using medical cannabis, the price in the dispensary is lower than it would be on the street.

But then again, it’s medical, so it doesn’t get you high. If you want cannabis for recreational purposes, the prices will increase, especially if you live in a state where it hasn’t been legalized yet. Read more The States Where Growing Medical Weed Is Legal.

Concluding Remarks

Now you know that a quad of cannabis is 7 grams and it’s also called a quarter. It’s crucial that you know your measurements, no matter if you use recreational or medical pot.

We hope you’ve found the information in this article useful and that you haven’t just found out you’ve overpaid a couple of times before you knew these measurements. If you did, now you can hold those people accountable and rest assured it won’t happen again.

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