The Best Arguments to Deal with People Who Are against Weed

The Best Arguments to Deal with People Who Are against Weed

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A lot of weed skeptics say it’s addictive. That may be true, but this needs to be taken in context. That’s because like any other substance or activity, cannabis can be abused. However, according to some research studies, weed smoking has been found to be less addictive than nicotine, alcohol and even caffeine!

smoking weed is Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

It’s Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

Research on weed effects also shows that weed smoking has a different effect on the body than smoking cigarettes. Although it has some effects on the lungs, such as coughing, it doesn’t contain nicotine. We all know that nicotine can trigger lung cancer, and many other types of cancers, yet people are uncomfortable with weed being legalized.

On top of that, weed smokers can experience the same weed effects without having to smoke. They can use edibles or weed vaporizers. Vaping eliminates much of the smoke, making it a preferable option to smokers. The weed seeds have been studied and it has been found that medical marijuana can be used for people in palliative care and people suffering from anxiety and epilepsy (what kinds of Medical Cannabis Seeds help you from these diseases you can find here). This crashes the myth that weed is bad for your health.

It Generates More Revenue

Weed is also a major revenue generator to the government when viewed like any other legal commodity. States like Colorado and Washington DC have voted against the cannabis laws that made weed smoking illegal; still, they have seen an increase in revenue from the growing and sale of marijuana. This goes against the campaigns saying that legalization of marijuana will mess up the economy.

Studies show that the legalization of marijuana in Colorado created 18,000 jobs and increased revenue in the state by $2.4 billion. This was achieved through consumer purchases of marijuana, and the sale of marijuana growing tools for people venturing into that business. This money has trickled down to other sectors of these states’ economies. You can read about The States Where Growing Medical Weed Is Legal.

It’s Not Bad for Teens If They Are Properly Informed about It

One of the most contentious topics in the cannabis law is the effect it will have on teens. The best approach to dealing with this case is to inform teenagers about the use of marijuana, by giving them the correct details about it. Besides, arguing against weed will not keep teens away from it. If anything, it will make them abuse it since they will try to smoke as much as they can, anytime they come across it.

inform teenagers about the use of marijuana

There are also arguments like ‘marijuana will make its users go insane’; a fact that no study has been able to verify. Anti-cannabis campaigns also say that the use of cannabis leads to criminal behavior. That has never been further from the truth. Reports show that alcohol causes more aggressive behavior, compared to marijuana. In fact, marijuana leads to a decrease in violence.

Concluding Remarks

The issue of legalizing cannabis will be a thorny one for a long time. However, by arguing with the right information against the anti-cannabis crusaders, it might change their minds over time. In the meantime, we just have to appreciate the steps being taken by various states towards the legalization of marijuana. It’s all about using facts to fight the never-ending myths about weed. Read also Stories about Weed that Are Untrue.

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