The Ultimate Cannabutter Recipe

The Ultimate Cannabutter Recipe

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Edibles make an effective way of enjoying the benefits of cannabis. However, they come at a hefty price hence the need to learn how to make homemade cookies, cannabutter and other edibles laced with marijuana. Cannabutter goes by other names like pot, weed, and marijuana butter. This is just butter that has been mixed with cannabis.

The primary compounds found in marijuana (CBD and THC) are released into the butter to leave you with a medicinal product. These compounds are fat-soluble and require heat to be activated; hence the need to use them in butter when making edibles.

This article will offer you the best cannabutter recipe.

Looking for Ingredients for the Cannabutter Recipe

You want to use the best ingredients for your cannabutter. Most people are tempted to use shake and trim, but they are made of different strains and not the pure marijuana. As such, experts advise users to purchase whole buds as they give you control over the taste and intensity of the cannabis used in your recipe. Choose what marijuana you need for this goal!

Also, you should use high-quality butter such as grass-fed as it also affects the taste of your cannabutter. Look for butter that has high-fat content.

Looking for Ingredients for the Cannabutter Recipe

Achieving the Decarboxylation of THC

This is a crucial process when preparing cannabutter as it converts THC from its acid phase to the psychoactive form. Decarboxylation is performed by heating the marijuana at low temperature (120 degrees Celsius) for a long time (usually ½ to 1 hour).


  • One cup of water
  • Decarboxylated marijuana buds (one ounce)
  • ½ cup of unsalted butter


If you want to make two variations of cannabutter, you may use two different methods to prepare it – the stove method and the slow cooker method.

  • The Stove Method

Start by putting the butter in a cooking pot and add water. Water aids in the regulation of temperature, which in turn, ensures that the butter does not burn. Allow the butter to melt over low heat and add the ground marijuana into the cooking pot.

Maintain low heat to let the mixture simmer for about three hours with occasional stirring. Note that a pound of butter absorbs an ounce of cannabis.

Start by putting the butter in a cooking pot and add water

  • The Slow Cooker Method

Set the cooker over low heat and put all the measured ingredients in it. Allow the mixture to simmer for 9 to 24 hours while stirring occasionally. For this method, let the marijuana simmer for an extended period, to infuse the butter better.

Strain the butter into a bowl using a fine-mesh cheesecloth or strainer. Be sure to squeeze each drop of butter into the glass dish.

Cooking with cannabutter requires controlled recipes

When you have strained all the butter, discard the remains. If you are not using the cannabutter immediately, store it in a freezer. It stays fresh for as long as six months.

The Bottom Line

Cooking with cannabutter requires controlled recipes like cakes, brownies, cookies and not oily foods like meat or eggs. While the amount of marijuana used for each recipe is different, the effects of edibles laced with the drug last longer than smoking.

The effects manifest thirty minutes or an hour after eating the cookie or brownie but last for eight hours or more.

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